Limon Dental Lab is a high-quality dental lab specializing in getting it done right the first time.  We fabricate removeable prosthetic appliances that fit perfectly into the mouths of patients without much adjustment; reducing the amount of chair-time the dentist spends on the patient.

Our products benefit our clients by allowing them to limit the amount of time wasted in adjustment. We are part of a process that needs to flow smoothly for our clientele.  We help our clients move patients faster through the appointment process.

Our dentures are esthetic, giving the patient a pleasing smile; as well as functional and practical. We pick up and deliver the finished product (stayplates, repairs, realigns) the same day, if picked up in the morning.

The Limon Dental Lab has been servicing Los Angeles and Orange County dentists for 32 years in the fabrication of removable dental appliances.