Full dentures are intraoral (inside the mouth) appliances used to replace all the missing teeth in the upper and lower arches of the mouth. Dentures are necessary to aid an individual to eat, properly masticate food in order to maintain ones health, and to improve ones smile and looks. Full dentures are necessary when a patient loses all of their teeth due to periodontal (gum) disease, resulting in gross bone loss making teeth loose ending with the loss of teeth.


Partial dentures are utilized when a person has lost several teeth and has existing teeth that are firm. A partial denture is an appliance made of a very thick nickel chrome metal that fits against the tissue of the mouth with metal clasps which attach tightly to the teeth. Plastic and teeth are attached to this thin metal frame to replace the missing teeth. The metal frame maintains its luster and produces a prosthetic appliance that is light, adjustable and break resistant.


Some people, however, don’t want to show metal clasps on their front teeth because it would reveal that the patient has missing teeth. As a result, cosmetic clasps made out of flexible resin are used to clasp around the patient’s front teeth, making it virtually impossible to see them in the patient’s mouth. This gives the patient the luxury of wearing a permanent partial that people cannot see.


Stayplates, or flippers as they are more commonly known, are temporary or transitional partials made out of acrylic plastic used to replace one or more teeth stabilized with the use of 2 or more clasps. Because stayplates are made from acrylic, they are intended only for short term use, mainly for aesthetics, as they generally break with hard use. However, they are easily repaired.


Denture repairs are done to repair broken dentures or to replace broken or missing teeth in the dentures, partials or stayplates. Most repairs can be done same day if received by 10:30 am. Some repairs, depending on the repair process, can necessarily take 2 – 3 days. This happens when a metal attachment has to be welded to an existing partial.


The Limon Dental Lab fabricates full and partial dentures, flexible resin partials, stayplates, nightguards, mouthguards, sportsguards, custom trays and bleaching trays.


A Suction Cup Denture is a denture made for people whose maxillary and mandibular ridges are virtually flat, making the ordinary denture loose and unmanageable. The suction cup denture is made from regular acrylic with a soft silicone base containing numerous suction cups. The suction cups are protrusions that gently indent themselves into the soft tissues of the maxillary and mandibular ridges, thereby creating suction, stability, and retention.


Relines can be made of hard acrylic or soft silicone that is processed into an existing denture when it is loose and unstable making it difficult to chew. The acrylic or silicone relines bond directly to the acrylic of the existing denture, fills the area where the bone in the upper and/or lower ridge has receded, and adapts the denture closer to the tissue making it more stable enabling the patient to chew better. 


In dentures where the teeth are not worn and in good condition, and where the denture plastic is worn, discolored or broken down, a rebase is a practical restorative solution. A rebase is a complete replacement of the denture plastic. In this instance, a mold is made of the old denture, the teeth are removed from the old denture and placed in the mold, and new acrylic is processed into the mold of the old denture. The result is a new denture retaining the outline of the ridge that fits like the old denture at half the cost.


Flexible resin partial dentures are partials that made out of a nylon material that is flexible, allowing them to adapt to areas in the mouth that conventional acrylic dentures don’t. Flexible resin dentures are used in situations where the patient dislikes showing the presence of metal clasps, which would indicate a patient has partials with false teeth. Flexible resin partials have clasps that are the same color as the gum tissue, making it harder to distinguish whether someone has a partial with false teeth. Despite these advantages, flexible resin partial have many disadvantages, for instance, the do not bond with conventional plastic, cannot be repaired quickly or easily, and cannot be relined with accurate results. The Limon Dental Lab fabricates full and partial dentures, flexible resin partials, stayplates, nightguards, mouthguards, sportsguards, custom trays and bleaching trays.